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Keep using web cookies and online tracking in accordance with the GDPR and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

How do I find my website is GDPR compliant?

Each organization must record and monitor the processing of personal data.
This information must always be available to the visitor, for example as part of the privacy policy. You must also make it easy for a visitor to change or withdraw consent.
If your website serves individuals from the EU and you - or embedded third party services such as Google and Facebook - process any kind of personal information, you must obtain the visitor's approval.

Why Cookiepanel?

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Real-time geo targeting and viewing only to EU users

By IP address you can find out which country the visitor is. Cookiepanel allows you to monitor and document any kind of tracking on your site and automatically retrieve and record all user approvals

Everything in one place

If you run multiple websites from different domains CookiePanel can ask visitors of your website for permission that covers all of your domains. Additionally, you have the option of grouping sites and editing from one point the panel appearance

Encrypted security

Encryption is widely used on the Internet to protect user information that is sent between the browser and the server, including passwords, payment information, and other personal data that should be considered private

How does it work?

three clicks to get it done

One-step registration

You do not need anything to register, except your email address and name

Create domain groups

Manage domains simply by grouping them

Set the panel

Add or edit the appearence of the panel any way you need it